PADI IDC Testimonial by Ruben

PADI IDC Testimonial by Ruben

One more to catch up, a new PADI IDC Testimonial by Ruben. Straight out of the November 2019 PADI IDC here on Malapascua. Once more, at your favorite dive resort in Malapascua; Thresher Cove Resort!

Being Swiss/Mexican, it all comes together. Firstly, he’s calm and relaxed, like a Swiss. Secondly, he’s funny and an exotic lover. So I have been told! That’s the Mexican side. However, it was great having him around during this IDC. Thresher Cove Resort hired him immediately after his PADI IE!. Straight after he successfully passed his PADI IE. Just recently he managed to board a Swiss bound flight. Right now, he’s back in Switzerland. Just like the rest of us, checking how this Covid related travel restriction will pan out.

A big Mabuhay to you Ruben and hope to see you soon enough, back in action at Thresher Cove Resort.

PADI IDC Testimonial by Ruben

PADI IDC Testimonial by Ruben

Ruben after successfully passing his PADI IE on Malapascua. Together with his PADI Examiner, Sophia.

Now, let’s see what it all is with Ruben’s testimonial of the November 2019 PADI IDC;

My interest in the ocean already was big since I was a little kid. My big dream was to become a marine biologist. Unfortunately life takes unpredictable turns and I had to bury this dream. As I got older I discovered an interest in teaching. But even this dream I had to give up. So I was “stuck” in an office for almost ten years.

At one point,

I decided to turn my hobby into my new job and started my Divemaster training. As I finished my DM, I was clueless what I should do next. It was then when a good friend of mine recommended me to do my IDC with Camille at Thresher Cove.

So what at first was a compromise between my dream of working in the ocean and teaching other people, turned out to be one of my best experiences! From the first day I saw in Camille a wise mentor but also a funny friend. The combination of a good laugh and valuable knowledge let me enjoy the ten days of IDC! In my opinion I couldn’t have had a better preparation to pass my IE! Thank you so much Camille for that amazing time and all the tips and tricks you gave us on our way. Only one month working as an Instructor lets me know how much you taught us!

Thank you again and I hope our ways will cross again one day!

As always, tanks for taking the time out to write up this testimonial. Muy apreciado!

Our next PADI IDC programs on Malapascua are starting 25th September and 21st November. Travel restrictions permitting!

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