PADI IDC Testimonial by Jackie

PADI IDC Testimonial by Jackie

We continue with another PADI IDC Testimonial by Jackie. She also participated in the November 2019 PADI IDC. This PADI IDC I teach in conjunction with PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’. Right here on Malapascua.

Firstly, Jackie came very well prepared! Secondly, that made my life very easy! Thirdly, she’s a great person and has a great personality. Most importantly, she has a good sense of humor and can handle a joke or two. No surprise here though, her Irish heritage prepared her well for that!

All this combined, made it a pleasure to have her as one of my students during this PADI IDC. As far as I know, she’s still on the island, working for one of the many dive centers on the island. They are most certainly lucky to have her under their wings.

PADI IDC Testimonial by Jackie

PADI IDC Testimonial by Jackie

Jackie with  PADI examiner Sophia, after she successfully passed her PADI IE.

No need to wait any longer, here’s what Jackie had to say;

The IDC with Camille was everything I thought it would be and more. There was a lot of laughter and good atmosphere, but also serious time when going through the important stuff. We worked hard, studied hard, had homework every night, and I wouldn’t change a thing. We went over and over the things that we struggled on or that were really important, and

Camille has the patience of a saint.

I think I asked him three thousand questions a day, sometimes the same question in a different way, but he never batted an eyelid, just gave a good answer and reassured us that we could do it. He gave us all confidence going forward and I know that I will always appreciate the good course I received. I have a feeling I will be emailing questions in the future, because Camille is more than just a brilliant course director, he is also a mentor, and a good friend. I have never laughed so much in my life, and of course we all passed 🙂

Thanks Jackie, always appreciate if someone takes out the time to write a testimonial!

Don’t wait any longer. Be like Jackie, change your life and become a PADI open water scuba instructor.

Our next PADI starts 23rd March. Contact me for more detailed information. Here’s our current PADI IDC schedule.

See you soon.