PADI IDC Testimonial by Vito

PADI IDC Testimonial by Vito

Here we go with a great PADI IDC Testimonial by Vito. The first testimonial of this year. Vito participated in the PADI IDC conducted during November 2019 on Malapascua in the Philippines. This IDC program I teach in conjunction with PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’.

First of all, Vito is the person you want as a member of you staff. Despite being slightly chaotic, he has the best outlook on life. Always positive and always a smile. Secondly, he has a great personality. Thirdly, his enthusiasm knows almost no boundaries.

Certainly Vito is a great asset to anybody who will hire him. I will follow his career moves with great interest and can only wish him all the best. On the other hand, I’m also fairly certain that he will find his way around in our dive industry. I can’t wait to see and meet him again.

PADI IDC Testimonial by Vito

PADI IDC Testimonial by Vito

Vito and PADI Examiner Sophia after successfully completing his PADI IE on Malapascua

Without further ado, let’s see what Vito has to say about his IDC on Malapascua;

You really find something about yourself and your passion, but, as I guess happens to everybody you struggle to make the right choices to make them become true, NOT THIS TIME!
I got recommended from the other side of the world to take a step forward into my IDC course and become a professional Padi Instructor recently after completing my DM training and, in a matter of seconds Mr Camille Lemmens was there to answer any questions and provide as much information as I needed. I was struggling for a week to make a decision but this day it only took me few hours to know that if I enrolled in his course I would become an Instructor in no time!

And here I am again,

2 years after my first diving experience as a PADI OWSI + Specialties and can’t be more proud of myself, the knowledge shared in Camilles’ course was simply fantastic and so well oriented to what we really need to know about the industry for fast progress! 10 day course and SO MANY LAUGHS you couldn’t imagine, everyone had their own nickname and we were so close to each other in little time + of course we all passed.

So just wanted to say thank you a trillion times and hope life will put us back together for more fun but specially to carry own learning and absorbing your experience. Thank you Sensei!!!!!

Thanks Vito, for taking the time to write this, Much appreciated Mr. Corleone!

If this testimonial by Vito inspires you to become an instructor, join us in our PADI IDC programs. Here at Thresher Cove Resort we have six more IDC programs scheduled for 2020.

First of all, we have a program starting 6th February. Secondly, this is followed by an IDC starting 23rd March. Check here to see our full 2020 IDC schedule.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more detailed information on our programs. You can start at any level. See you soon!