PADI IDC Testimonial by Lucio

PADI IDC Testimonial by Lucio

Here’s the PADI IDC Testimonial by Lucio. Lucio staffed the February 2019 PADI IDC on Malapascua. First of all, Lucio is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. He is trained to assist a PADI Course Director during Instructor Development Courses. Secondly, the February 2019 PADI IDC at Thresher Cove Resort had a big group. As a result, I needed somebody to help me staffing. On the other hand, Lucio had no staffing experience up till that moment.

After a couple of emails to and from, we agreed that he is the man to help me out. Most importantly, there’s no regrets. Lucio is one of the best PADI IDC Staff instructors out there. In other words, I can’t wait to work together with him again.

He’s funny, easy going but also knows when it’s time to be serious. Certainly he can handle the stress that comes with staffing. He’s been a great asset to this PADI IDC. Which also reflects in the testimonials of the IDC candidates. Each single one of them mentioned him!

PADI IDC Testimonial by Lucio

PADI IDC Testimonial by Lucio

Lucio is on the right of this group picture of the February 2019 PADI IDC

It’s time to have a look what Lucio has to say about this February 2019 PADI IDC;

I worked with Camille as IDC Staff Instructor during the February IDC in Malapascua, Philippines. What first stroke me about Camille was his professionalism when we communicated via email. Without knowing me, and despite this was my first experience in staffing an IDC, he just trusted me. This attitude was of course confirmed during the IDC, when I needed just a few tweaks to proceed in complete synchrony with him with a decent load of responsibility.

At the same time, he indirectly taught me a lot. He just knew where to stress a concept and where to let a candidate make a mistake. It took him one or two days to understand exactly every candidate’s profile, including their weaknesses and their strong points. This allowed him to teach adaptively and, as it turned out, extremely successfully. To me, he was the most open and helpful, available for consulting at any moment and keen to let me interact with the candidates during the classroom hours and the practical classes. He would never keep a thing for himself.

His mastery about the PADI system is, evidently, thorough.

This, together with his large experience as an Instructor first and as a Course Director later, makes him a monument of knowledge he’s constantly willing to share.

Finally, there’s a point I really appreciated about Camille. It’s again about professionalism, this time though towards the candidates. Beside being friendly and passionate, he assists them without being too serious or way too mild. He knows he’s dealing with his future colleagues, and he acts accordingly.

I hope there will be further chances to work together, Camille. It will just be a great pleasure.

Thanks for taking the time to write this testimonial Lucio! It’s always nice to receive them. Especially if they come from a peer!

As already mentioned, I’m looking forward being able to work with you again!

Our PADI IDC Schedule for 2019

In conclusion, check our PADI IDC schedule for 2019. First of all, the next PADI IDC will start 26th July. Secondly, another PADI IDC program will start 29th September. Thirdly, I will be back come 23rd November. Book now and get early booking discounts!

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