Justin’s PADI IDC Staff course started on Malapascua

Justin’s PADI IDC Staff course started on Malapascua

Today Justin’s PADI IDC Staff course started on Malapascua in the Philippines. This is in conjunction with PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’.

First of all, Justin just completed his IDC earlier this year on Malapascua. Here at Thresher Cove Resort, in February. Secondly, ever since he has been working as a PADI instructor in the Philippines and Malaysia. Thirdly, on the way he picked up his MSDT rating. This means that he has certified at least 25 students at various PADI certification levels. To clarify, from Open water diver students to Divemaster candidates. And every other level in-between!

Well done Justin and good to see you back here on Malapascua. Today we started his Staff course. Tomorrow we will start the November PADI IDC here on Malapascua. Justin’s PADI IDC Staff course will run in conjunction with the PADI IDC. He will observe and participate in this IDC.

First of all, he will need to meet his own course performance requirements. After that, he can kick back and enjoy the IDC. This time around, from the ‘other side of the fence’. Most importantly, there’s no PADI IE waiting for him!

We will follow Justin along during his PADI IDC Staff course. Stay tuned and check our updates on the November PADI IDC. Right here at Thresher Cove Resort.

Justin's PADI IDC Staff course started on Malapascua

PADI IDC Staff course started on Malapascua

Justin watching one of the evaluation videos. Evaluation practice is a big and important part of this course.

Likewise, if you’re interested in continuing your PADI career, join our IDC Staff course. Our Next PADI IDC courses start on 6th February and 23rd March. A great opportunity for you to join us and start your IDC Staff course. Check our IDC schedule here.

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