PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen

PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen

Here we are back with a PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen. First of all, she participated in the February PADI IDC on Malapascua in the Philippines. I conducted this PADI IDC in conjunction with PADI 5* IDDR Center ‘Thresher Cove Resort’ on Malapascua island.

Karen and her partner followed me around! We have been talking for a long time before they signed up for this PADI IDC. On the other hand, be wary when she has a question! That is to say, it’s not just the one question. She has plenty of them. Most importantly, good on her though! How to arrive at a PADI IDC well prepared. She writes that book every day.

PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen

PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen

Karen with PADI Examiner Sophia after successfully passing her PADI IE. Somebody’s very happy!

Consequently, here we go, with the PADI IDC Testimonial by Karen;

If you asked me, a year ago if I wanted to try diving it would have been a loud and clear “no”.
Today almost one year later, I’m an Instructor. Hard to believe when it comes from a young woman who used to fear the ocean.

When I decided I wanted to do my IDC I was looking with my boyfriend at several different places and reviews of different course directors, – until we found Camille. My boyfriend who I did my IDC with and I looked him up and decided to contact him. After a few email correspondences, we were sure that we wanted Camille to be our course director. We even moved our IDC location so we were certain that we were going to do it with him.

Some people find the theory part of the IDC the most difficult. It always depends on how much you know already and how much you’ve prepared yourself. For me it was the mental development which I find the most important as well that was the most difficult, – but Camille really made it both changeling and exciting at the same time. He was supporting, helpful and the best teacher you can imagine, – always trying different angles to make you understand better.

Camille is not just a great teacher

but he also likes to connect with each student on an individual level that makes his courses so much more real. He is a very talented course director and I really enjoyed having him as mine. He prepared us very well for the IE and with a patient and open mind figured a way of getting all of us to our goals. His always funny and smiling attitude helped getting all of us through some of the more challenging parts of the IDC. His countless experiences and stories made all the theories to a more “human connectable and understandable level” and actually made each topic interesting and important to learn, understand and appreciate.

Today I’m a Dive Instructor and already got my first job for this summer season in Europe. I’m proud of myself and Camille helped me getting where I am now.

It’s important as well to mention our great Staff Instructor Lucio Bellomo. He was absolutely amazing. An amazing instructor, – and his constantly smiling, helpful and professional mindset helped all of us to succeed our IE. He got me thinking of who I am as a person, what my strengths and my weaknesses are and how to become the best possible version of myself as a new instructor.

I will definitely keep contact with Camille

and Lucio and forever be grateful for everything they taught me. They made me think of the most important thing about being an instructor, – not just by following the standards but also teach with passion and with the psychology of diving as an important aspect of teaching, – and furthermore understand how to teach the best possible way. They gave me the best guidance and teaching, – preparing me for the IDC and for that I’m very thankful. Two lovely men that I for sure will miss being around (and helping me when I have too many questions).

Once again, Thank you for the best IDC. I can only recommend choosing Camille as your Course Director.

Thanks for being there Karen. Certainly you made a difference and the course would not have been half the fun without you. In short, an emotional roller coaster it was. With all the ups and downs that go together in that context. It is my pleasure to have met you and be your teacher in this case.

Above all, thanks for taking out the time to write this testimonial. It’s appreciated! Good luck in your further dive career. June 2019, you’re in Greece, rock it girl!

Our PADI IDC Schedule for 2019

Most importantly, check our PADI IDC schedule for 2019. First of all, the next PADI IDC will start 26th July. Secondly, another PADI IDC program will start 29th September. Thirdly, I will be back come 22nd October.

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